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The Schwartz Law Office, PLLC offers criminal defense for the possession of a drug or controlled substance, ranging from marijuana to cocaine. Our drug possession lawyer in Seattle, WA, offers free consultations to discuss your case. If you have been accused of possessing an illegal substance, let us help you understand the laws and represent you in court.

Our drug possession defense attorney offers legal counsel on what constitutes an illegal substance and the nature of the possession. If you only had a small quantity of the controlled drug, it may be deemed a simple possession. However, large quantities face larger consequences, because there is a presumed intent to distribute. There are several requirements to prove that someone is in the possession of drugs.

Experienced Drug Possession Attorney Representing You in Court

You can depend on our experienced drug possession attorney to know the state and federal laws concerning your case. With more than 30 years of experience and over 200 cases brought to trial, we know all of the elements involved in these kinds of cases. Whether you are charged with having an illicit drug or drug paraphernalia, we make sure you understand the process.

The prosecutor must be able to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you owned or were holding a controlled substance and were aware of the possession. This includes having access to narcotics or other illegal substances. Drugs owned for personal use have leaner consequences than drugs that are distributed for personal gain. This is to deter drug dealers with harsher punishments than those who partake of illicit drugs. Prosecutors must prove the intent to sell large quantities of drugs by presenting weight scales, individual bags to divvy up the drugs into, a flow of money, or testimony from witnesses.

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Drug Possession Defense Lawyer Explains Paraphernalia Laws

Even though some states have legalized marijuana for medical use, drug paraphernalia such as bongs are still prohibited. Syringes, crack pipes, and equipment used to make methamphetamine are also illegal to own. However, these items are only prohibited when they have already been used for illicit substances or were sold under the clear intent of using them for the consumption or use of drugs.

Let our Seattle drug possession defense lawyer help you argue your case in court when it concerns drug paraphernalia possession. If the item in question has been misunderstood or was bought for a legal medical purpose, we can help you argue your case. For example, newly purchased items are not considered drug paraphernalia unless they have drug residue inside of them.

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