Homicide Attorney In Seattle, WA

Homicide is a serious charge, which is why our homicide attorney in Seattle, WA, is serious about defending your case. At the Schwartz Law Office, PLLC, we take the time to understand your situation in order to build the best defense for your case. Our Seattle criminal defense lawyers understand that not all murder charges are the same, and that homicide covers a wide variety of offences.

Whether your case is justified self-defense or manslaughter, our homicide lawyer counsels you on the proceedings that are about to take place. First, we learn about your situation and the crime in question. Then, we discuss what the likely charge and conviction could be. From there, we work together with you to build a solid defense.

Consult with Our Murder Lawyer

Come to our Seattle murder lawyer for a free consultation about your case. First of all, there are many different types of homicide charges, and several different degrees of murder. We determine where your case lies and begin gathering evidence. Tell us your story and we will tell you where to go from here.

First degree murder is the highest homicide degree, where the act was intentional and premeditated. If there was no long-term or short-term plan, this charge may be changed to second degree murder or voluntary manslaughter. Since every case is different, the conviction depends on the evidence gathered and presented by both your attorney and the prosecutor. Manslaughter charges are used for the illegal killing of a human being, but where there was usually no intent to kill.

These cases generally involve a accident, such as drunk drivers who crash their cars with fatal consequences. This action is considered criminally reckless and could result in an involuntary manslaughter conviction.

Our Homicide Lawyer is On Your Side

When you have been accused of homicide, it may feel like the whole world is out to get you. Our Seattle homicide lawyer is on your side, though, so you will not have to face the charges alone. We first determine if your case can be tried as justified homicide, which involves self-defense from a serious threat like rape, armed robbery, or attempted murder by someone else.

Once we know all of the details of your situation, we can construct an argument on your behalf to present to the judge and jury. The rest of your life and future of your family may depend on the results of this case, so it is important to be completely honest with us. This is to ensure we are prepared for what the prosecution may bring up during the trial and allow us to argue against it.

Contact Attorney Michael Schwartz for a free consultation about your case. We go to trial in Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Renton, Kent, and the surrounding areas in Washington.