White Collar Crime Attorneys in Seattle, WA

The Schwartz Law Office, PLLC handles white collar crime for offenses committed by businessmen and government officials. Our white collar crime attorneys in Seattle, WA take on cases involving fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, and more. Collectively, white collar crimes are known as a form of lying, cheating, and stealing on a grand scale. Fraud is a common crime that business people commit in order to receive monetary gain.

Depend on Our Experienced White Collar Crime Lawyer

Whether you are being accused of tax evasion or securities fraud, our white collar crime lawyer is here to offer you legal help. With 36 years of experience and more than 200 cases brought to trial, Michael Schwartz is knowledgeable about the justice system and uses this awareness to defend your rights in court.

If your company was involved in a Ponzi scheme or other business-related crime, we offer a free consultation to help you decide how to proceed. White collar crimes may involve state or federal laws, depending on the severity of the charge. Our Seattle white collar crime attorney helps you navigate through potential criminal liability and discusses your defense strategy if you go on trial.

Seek Help from Our Embezzlement Lawyer

Trust our embezzlement lawyer to handle your case in a professional manner. When you are accused of theft or larceny concerning company property, come to us for legal advice and representation. We represent accountants, bank tellers, store clerks, and other corporate employees who are accused of embezzling company assets. Come to our embezzlement attorney to learn about your rights as an employee. We help you understand the laws concerning this crime so you can start building a solid defense. There are four factors that must be present in order for you to be charged with embezzlement, which are:

  • One party must rely on the other in a fiduciary relationship.
  • You took ownership of this property or transferred it to someone else.
  • You acquired the property in question through this relationship.
  • The actions were intentional for personal financial gain.

If none of these factors are present, an embezzlement charge cannot be supported. As long as we can prove one or more of these aspects are false or do not exist in your situation, we can swing your case in a favorable direction. Our Seattle white crime attorneys also represent you in cases of money laundering as well as other white collar crimes.

Contact Attorney Michael Schwartz if you are involved in a white collar crime. We take on cases from the following areas: Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Renton, Kent, and the surrounding areas in Washington.