Domestic Violence Lawyer in Seattle, WA

If the police have been called to your house concerning a domestic violence issue, it is time to get a lawyer. At the Schwartz Law Office, PLLC, our domestic violence lawyer in Seattle, WA, ensures the law is being followed fairly. In addition to providing representation for domestic violence or sex crimes.

The first step to dealing with a domestic violence accusation is to consult with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. We can help you understand the laws and what you can or cannot do to ensure your situation does not become worse. Normally, a condition preventing contact with your accuser is immediately issued by the court. This means no physical contact, as well as limited or no interaction through phone calls, text messaging, social media, or even third parties. Your best option is to avoid the accuser and seek a Seattle domestic violence attorney for legal counsel.

Domestic Battery Lawyer Offering Legal Representation

Once you have been arrested or officially charged with a domestic violence crime, we walk you through the next steps. Our domestic battery lawyer offers a free consultation to talk about your specific situation and advise you on the proper procedures. Whether you decide to fight the allegations in a court trial or would like to plead guilty for a more lenient punishment, we are with you every step of the way.

Our domestic violence attorney deals with sex crimes and battery involving family members. We take the evidence you have and help you decide whether your case deserves a chance at trial or should be handled with a plea bargain. Evidence usually involves recorded statements by both parties, medical examinations, video surveillance, and witness testimony. The consequences of a domestic violence, battery, or sex crime conviction can have a devastating impact on your future. This could affect your career, living situation, and public or personal reputation. Rely on our experienced lawyers to make sure the justice system is being upheld.

Domestic Violence Attorney at Your Service

Whether you have been accused of physically or verbally abusing your spouse, child, parent, or other household family member, this charge is a serious matter. Because of the lasting impact such an accusation could make on your life, our domestic violence attorney offers legal advice and representation when you need it the most. A conviction requires certain standards to be met regarding the conduct and relationship to the other party. Most cases are prosecuted under state laws, which typically decree that any conduct which causes harm or poses a threat of harm is prohibited. The severity of the act, whether emotional or physical, determines whether the crime is charged as a misdemeanor or felony.

Contact Attorney Michael Schwartz when you have been accused of domestic violence against a family member. We take cases in Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Renton, Kent, and the surrounding areas in Washington.