bond reductionBond Reduction Attorney in Seattle, WA

If you have been given with a high or excessively large bail, talk with the bond reduction attorney in Seattle, WA, at the Schwartz Law Office, PLLC We will try our best to reduce the set bail amount so you and your family or friends can afford to post bail. Our Seattle criminal attorneys are familiar with Washington state laws concerning bond reduction.

How to Get a Bond Reduction

The first step to reducing your bond is to create a motion with the current bail amount, the charges, and a statement about why this bond is too high. This could be due to your inability to make bond, which can be proven with a copy of the court order that appoints counsel when a defendant cannot pay for their own attorney.

Trust our bond reduction lawyer to file this motion for you in order to set up a hearing. We also help you gather the appropriate evidence needed to reduce the bail amount. While this hearing is not like a jury trial, it still requires rules of etiquette, evidence, and procedure. A bond reduction hearing may even impact your case.

There are several requirements involved in getting your bond amount reduced. We walk you through all of the state’s requirements to ensure they are all met. Issues such as proving that you tried to post the current bond but were unable to due to funds or other difficulties are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Once all of the evidence has been presented, the court will determine whether your bail amount should be reduced and by how much. There are a number of factors for the court to consider, such as your ties to the community, criminal history, the charges being presented against you, and the safety of others.

The Benefits of a Bond Reduction Lawyer

Our bond reduction lawyer will only pursue a motion to reduce your bond if we feel it is in your best interest. Trust us to know when the time is right to contest your bond amount. There are consequences to consider that could affect the rest of your case. We help you understand these consequences so you can make an educated decision. The evidence you produce to reduce your bond could adversely affect the case we are building for you, as the prosecutor can use this information during your trial. We advise you on whether the evidence you want to present could harm your case or not. If our lawyers feel you would be at a disadvantage, we may suggest other methods to ensure your case is not negatively affected.

Contact  criminal defense Attorney Michael Schwartz to discuss bond reduction. We serve clients in Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Renton, Kent, and the surrounding areas in Washington.