Michael Schwartz practices in state and federal courts throughout the State of Washington and in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  He has also conducted trials in other state courts.

Michael’s experience includes prosecuting criminal cases for 16 years and, currently, private practice for the past 24 years.  His work has always focused on one simple goal:  Work and fight, both smart and hard, on behalf of the people who need help.   Michael personally handles every case in his office.  When you engage the firm you are hiring Michael.  You will communicate through phone calls and emails only with him.

Michael’s efforts on behalf of clients, both in criminal defense and civil litigation, are informed by his experiences.  His work as a prosecutor provides the experience and knowledge necessary to understand the system and use it to his clients’ benefit.  His experience conducting hundreds of criminal and civil jury trials provides the expertise and skill necessary to provide his clients with superior representation.

Clients are confronted with difficult and challenging decisions in every case.  It is critical that, in order to make good decisions, the consequences of which may last a lifetime,  clients must understand the law, the legal process, the specifics of their case and the possible outcome for each of the choices they face.  Providing clients with the information they need to make these decisions requires a commitment to take whatever time is necessary to teach.  As it happens, Michael was a teacher at the University of Washington for 15 years.  He enjoys the opportunity to educate clients and share his knowledge in order to ensure they are fully informed every step of the way.

The firm handles cases on a variety of fee structures including hourly, flat fee and, in civil cases, contingency.  We work with clients to find a fee structure that works.

Call.  Michael will answer your general questions free of charge and give you the opportunity to decide if he is the lawyer to help you.