Domestic Violence

By Michael Schwartz on May 22, 2020

It has become common place in these times for spouses, significant others and family members who are arguing with one another to call 911 to report a crime.  On occasion, it is a neighbor who hears the shouting and arguing who, fearing something more serious is happening, calls 911.  On far too many occasions, these calls are made and the police arrive even when no assault occurred. Police often arrest the alleged offender just on the statement of the person who called 911.  Assuming it will all get sorted out later, police conduct these arrests despite the lack of evidence to support the claim of an assault.

Cases of alleged domestic violence have seen an increase is recent months.  This rise in cases is widely attributed to the stress of losing jobs and “stay at home” orders caused by COVID-19.  Regardless of the cause or reason for the call to 911 the damage caused by an accusation of domestic violence can be enormous.  If you have been arrested and/or charged you have likely been kicked out of your home.  You may face the loss of your profession or job if you are convicted.  You need help now.

Domestic violence charges are serious and a conviction can have significant consequences. If you are facing domestic violence charges, then it is important that you understand your rights and the potential defenses. The Seattle WA domestic abuse attorneys from the Schwartz Law Office, PLLC can help defend you after being accused of domestic violence.

Fighting domestic violence charges

Anytime you’re facing domestic violence charges, you must work diligently to assert your rights and build your defense.  Having prosecuted these cases for many years, Michael Schwartz knows how to prepare a defense against the prosecutor’s efforts to convict you.  The defense to these chargesvary based on the circumstances:  The accuser may have a motive to lie; the accuser may be wholly unreliable because of substance abuse or emotional problems;  you may have been acting in self defense;  there may be physical evidence that contradicts the accuser’s allegations; the accuser, regretting the call to 911, may wish to retract the accusation and see the case dismissed.

Whatever the facts may be in your case, we have seen it and successfully defended our clients in similar cases with facts and circumstances comparable to your case.  Let Michael Schwartz help you fight for your rights and pursue a timely and fair resolution to the charges against you.